The Story of Your Stuff Competition: Exploring the life cycle of everyday stuff

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) invites young people in second-level education to enter the Story of Your Stuff competition

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Have you ever considered the journey our everyday objects go through before and after they reach us? Have you ever thought about the materials that were used to create our stuff, and what will happen to all of these things when we’re finished with them?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are inviting second-level students to enter their Story of Your Stuff competition by telling the life-cycle of an everyday item, like a pencil or a water bottle, using a visual medium such as a video, illustration, animation, photography, or infographic.

The closing date to enter is 8 March 2019.

About the competition

This is the third year the EPA has run The Story of Your Stuff. The aim of the competition is to encourage people to think about the environment and to make choices that have a positive impact on the planet.

Many of the everyday items we use, like our phones, clothes, notebooks, drink containers and lunch boxes started their life somewhere else. When we’re done with these things, they often end up in landfill, or if they’re properly recycled they could be turned into a new object. This competition challenges you to find out the journey of everyday stuff in your life.

Last year’s winners, from Presentation Secondary School, Milltown, Killarney, Co Kerry, created a video on the life cycle of chewing gum:

How to enter

To enter the Story of Your Stuff competition, you will first need to choose an object to focus on and do your research before creating your visual story. Make sure your entry follows the competition rules.

Once your story has been created, you can upload your entry to

The closing date to enter is 8 March 2018.

Coming up with an idea

If you’re having a hard time deciding how to go about your project, read the top tips on the Story of Your Stuff website to find inspiration and learn how to go about your research at TheStoryOfYourStuff/Tips. You can also follow The Story Of Your Stuff’s Instagram account for updates and inspiration.

Finale event and winning prize

The top five shortlisted entrants and their classmates will have the opportunity to attend a national finale event in April, where the winners will be announced.

The winning student(s) will receive €500 and their school will receive an extra €500.

For more information visit The Story of Your Stuff’s website.

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