Work as a camp counsellor in the US this summer

500 jobs have opened all across America for Irish people

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American Summer Camps are recruiting Irish people for 500 jobs in summer camps across the US this summer. The experience is open to anyone age 18-30, whether you are studying at 3rd level or not.

Recruiters will be in Dublin this month looking for people with experience in water sports, sailing, football, tennis, swimming, arts and crafts, music, or another hobby that can be taught at camp.

Being a camp counsellor

As a camp counsellor, it would be your job to create a fun and safe environment for the kids. Along with your co-counsellors, you would supervise activities during the day and will usually work in one activity area, such as music or sport.

Counsellors usually live in cabins at camp with their co-counsellors. Learn more about camp life.

Summer camp locations

American Summer Camps are currently recruiting for:

  • Fresh Air Fund Non-profit Camp, New York
  • Kamp Kohut Co-ed Camp, Maine
  • Camp Sloane Non-profit Camp, Connecticut
  • Camp Robindel All Girls Camp, New Hampshire
  • Hidden Valley Camp Scouts Camp, Maine
  • Channel Three Kids Camp Special Needs Camp, Connecticut

How much would I be paid?

Your salary can depend on your age and level of experience, as well as which camp you are working in. According to USIT, you can earn between $900 – $1350 take home pay.

Can I travel?

Your visa will allow you to travel around the US for up to 30 days after you finish at camp.


To become a camp counsellor, you must:

  • Be aged between 18-30
  • If you are 17, you must turn 18 before 1st June, 2020
  • Be available from June – August 2020


In order to take part in Camp USA, you will need to pay for your work visa and insurance, government fees, and your food & board. This can be paid through USIT, with a current early bird fee of €599 with flights and €399 without flights.

Hiring fairs

Hiring fairs will be held in the Alex Hotel, Dublin 15th, 17th and 25th of January at 11am.

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