Can I legally use fireworks at Halloween in Ireland?

Fireworks can only be used by those with an import licence

Written by Rebekah Connolly


Fireworks can be common around the time of Halloween, but it’s important to be aware that fireworks can be very dangerous, and there can be criminal penalties for those who are using fireworks illegally.

What happens if I have illegal fireworks in Ireland?

It is important to be aware that fireworks contain explosive materials and are potentially very dangerous if not used correctly, especially high hazard fireworks such as bangers, rockets, roman candles, cake/batteries or shells.

There are also severe criminal penalties that can apply to those in possession of fireworks, which can include a find of up to €10,000 or five years imprisonment, for the following offences:

  • Lighting an illegal firework in any place
  • Throwing a lit firework at a person or property
  • Having possession of illegal fireworks with intent to sell or supply

These penalties do no apply to low-hazard items like party poppers or sparklers.

How can I report illegal firework use in Ireland?

If someone has thrown a firework at you and you want to report it, you can make a statement to the Gardaí and they will follow it up as an assault once you can identify the person. To make a statement you will have to go to your local Garda station. If you would like to report someone using fireworks illegally you can also call your local Garda station or 999/112.

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