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Over the past two months, you may have found yourself spending a lot more of your time online as you find new ways to spend time with your friends and family. The internet has allowed you to stay connected during the pandemic, but you may have also found certain aspects of spending a lot of time online challenging or negative. Whether it is seeing a hurtful comment on social media or posting something you then later regret, having unlimited access to the internet may not always seem like a positive in your daily life.

#PassthePositivity TikTok campaign and Bel Éire are teaming up to help #PassThePositivity online. The Pass The Positivity challenge asks young people to help promote positivity online by creating a video on TikTok, tagging three of their friends in it, and explaining why those three people make them smile. Anyone tagged in the video is then asked to create their own Pass The Positivity TikTok to help promote happiness online.

Remember to tag all your videos using the hashtag #PassThePositivity.

How can I help make the internet a more positive place?

When online, it is important to remember that how we behave there has an impact on both our own lives and the lives of others offline. Being considerate of what is beneficial both to yourself and others can help you to enjoy the experience more and know when it is better to take a step back or spend some time offline.

Ways to promote positivity online and manage your mental health:

Young people’s experiences of making the internet work for them:

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