SpunOut.ie Self Harm Campaign

Starting conversations, sharing stories, finding support

Written by spunout


This week marks the launch of our self harm campaign. Here at SpunOut.ie, we want to start conversations, and make it more normalised to talk about self harm and mental health. The reasons why a person may self harm are complex, but for some it can be a way of coping when things are very difficult and overwhelming. 

The more we encourage one another to listen and learn from each other’s experiences of self harm, the more we can create an environment where support for self harm is easily accessed, without shame or stigma. Our campaign offers support and advice to both those who may be self harming, and those who are supporting someone who self harms with non judgemental advice, opinion pieces and signposts to supports and services. Self harm is not a choice, and self harm is not something that needs to be hidden.

Self harm content on SpunOut.ie

Understanding self harm

Supporting someone who self harms

Support for self harm

Personal experiences of self harm

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