SpunOut.ie Positive Mental Health Workshops for Schools

Supporting young people to discuss mental health and wellbeing through an interactive and engaging session

Written by Sinead Beirne


SpunOut.ie’s Positive Mental Health workshop will give students a space to discuss mental health and wellbeing in a supportive and interactive environment. It will provide an opportunity for them to share their thoughts on mental health, discuss coping skills and strategies, become aware of self-care activities and learn about available support for their mental health. With all our workshops, we want to create a space that is safe for young people to reflect on and check in with their own mental health and to also be aware of the things that can help them if they are struggling. 

Who is the workshop suitable for?

  • Senior Cycle school students
  • 1 class group maximum per delivery

What does the workshop include?

  • Discussion on Mental Health (including a walking debate)
  • What is Positive Mental Health
  • Coping Skills
  • Self-Care and the importance of looking after our wellbeing
  • Information on supports and services

Who will run the sessions

These sessions will be run by SpunOut.ie’s Ambassadors. Since 2019, we have worked closely with a group of young people aged 18-25, training them to deliver high quality, interactive and engaging workshops on positive mental health to their peers. Peer to peer delivery of mental health information can be hugely beneficial as students can relate to those of a similar age speaking about mental health. The Ambassadors receive ongoing support from SpunOut.ie’s Training and Outreach Officer, Sinead Beirne. A number of sessions will also be supervised by Sinead to ensure consistent quality of the sessions we deliver.

COVID-19 restrictions

We know that due to current COVID-19 restrictions some schools may prefer online delivery of the workshop. The current workshop design is best suited to in person delivery due to it’s interactive nature. However, we will endeavour to deliver the content as best we can online if needs be.

How can I book in a workshop for my school?

To request a workshop for your school please fill out our workshop request form and select the topic ‘Positive Mental Health’.

Please note that filling out this request does not guarantee delivery and we do appreciate as much advance notice as possible.

Request a workshop here

If you have any further questions please contact [email protected].

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