Take a closer look at what your library has to offer

Libraries Ireland are encouraging you to see what’s on offer at your local library

Written by Hannah Byrne


Libraries Ireland have launched a campaign to showcase all there is to do at your local library. With 12 million items available to borrow for free, the library offers an accessible and sustainable way to read, learn something new, take up a hobby, join a class, and more – all at no cost.

What can you do at the library?

The library allows you to borrow items from any library across the country. There are currently 330 library branches in Ireland, including a shared cross-border service.

The library is about more than books. Here are just some of the things you can do at the library:

  • Borrow physical books, magazines and newspapers
  • Borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and eMagazines
  • Take an online course
  • Sign up for classes to learn new skills
  • Take part in a yoga class
  • Experience virtual reality
  • Join a book club

All of this and more is available to you for free through your local library.

The library network has also teamed up with Healthy Ireland to offer information and resources on mental and physical health.

What can the library offer students?

The library is for everyone, but students can really benefit from joining. This is thanks to:

  • Free WiFi
  • Online courses
  • Study space
  • Books and resources to help with your course

How to join the library

To join the library, simply fill out this online form, and then bring one piece of ID and proof of address (such as a bill, bank statement or a letter from a local or government service) to your local library.

You can also fill out the form at the library if you don’t want to do it online – just make sure to bring your ID and proof of address with you.

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