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An inspirational conversation with changemakers from southern Africa Ross talked with activists from southern Africa about common issues that affect young people

Why I found growing up in rural Ireland so difficult This reader talks about why we need more focus on young people growing up in rural Ireland

Why I lobby MEPs for international development funding Ross talks about his recent experience talking to MEPs about signing the ONE Vote pledge

Why I've changed my mind about binge-drinking Having drank too much one night in college, Sean talks about why we should look at changing our attitudes to binge-drinking

My poem on supporting my friend who is suicidal Bridget talks about why we need to have open conversations about our mental health and suicide

My experience living with Bipolar Affective Disorder Joseph talks about his experience with bipolar and how his support system has really helped

Why going on Erasmus can be your best college experiences Many people are nervous about going on Erasmus but Robert talks about some of the great experiences it brings

Why it's important to rethink how we communicate on social media volunteer Aine wonders why reading "seen" can make us feel quite the opposite sometimes

Zeminar speaker Fiona Brennan talks about the power of mindfulness volunteer Evana talks to Fiona about what we can do to support young people's mental health

Why Zeminar speaker Paddy Holohan got involved with politics volunteer Dean talks to Paddy Holohan on why he moved from MMA to politics and what he hopes to achieve

Why all young people should try the Model European Union Caitlin talks about her week with the Model European Union and why she enjoyed the experience so much

Why Zeminar speaker Abigail McDonnell is opening up about mental health volunteer Blessing chatted with Abigail ahead of her speech at Zeminar to talk about what motivates her and what her goals are

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