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Important lessons I've learned from living abroad Caitlin moved to the Middle East with her family and learned a lot through the experience

5 important skills I’ve developed through pageantry Jasmine started competing in pageants recently but has picked up some important skills along the way

Recognising and learning about my anxiety Jasmine talks about her personal journey to learn more about managing her anxiety

Creating healthier ways to socialise through Young Social Innovators This YSI group aims to create a healthier means of interacting by reviving social dancing.

How working in retail has helped my self-confidence Caitlin says she is a naturally anxious person, but her new job has helped her in ways she never imagined

Why I struggled to find the right course for me Caitlin talks about her thought process when choosing the college course that suits her.

Our YSI project to reduce discrimination in Ireland The "Get Lippy" group hopes show how prejudice and discrimination affect many people in Ireland

My experience raising awareness about the SDGs Dean talks about some events he has attended around the SDGs and what he has learned through these experiences

How my anxiety impacts my relationships Lauren talks about telling her friends about her anxiety and what the responses have been like

Promoting heart health as a YSI group Heart2Heart talks about their successes in raising awareness about heart attacks

Raising awareness about video game addiction with YSI With games like Fortnite becoming so popular, this YSI group wanted to raise awareness about a growing issue

Advocating for women in S.T.E.M. through the YSI Speak Out Tour S.T.E.M. 4 Femme talk about their YSI project to address gender inequality in S.T.E.M. careers