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We found 32 results for racism.

Where does racism originate from?

INAR highlights where racism originated from

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How to react to racism online

Racism is never okay - always report racist content that you see online

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Common forms of racism in Ireland

INAR outlines common examples of racism experienced in Ireland

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The effects of racism in Ireland

The Irish Network Against Racism (INAR) highlight the impact racism has on people living in Ireland´╗┐

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A guide to understanding different dimensions of racism

INAR defines the different forms racism takes

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My experience of racism in Ireland

Mary talks about her experiences as a young black person in Ireland, and why we all need to support the Black Lives Matter movement

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Resources that have helped me learn about racism

With the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests, it's important we all learn more about ending racism

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Why I'm speaking out against racism in Ireland

Kate talks about educating herself on racism and how we can all be actively anti-racist

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We need to take a serious look at racism in Ireland

With the Black Lives Matter movement gaining momentum in the US, Aoife talks about racism in Ireland that needs our attention too

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What can I do if I am experiencing discrimination?

If you have experienced discrimination, there are places you can turn to for help

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How I'm supporting the Black Lives Matter movement

Ciara talks about steps she's taking in her life to open up conversations about racism and white privilege

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What happened to George Floyd?

The murder of George Floyd has led to a wave of protests against racism and police violence

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