Sexual Violence

The Rape Crisis Helpline provides info about support for survivors of sexual violence.

Too Into You provides information on and support for intimate relationship abuse.

Women’s Aid provides support to people who have experienced or are experiencing domestic/intimate partner/gendered violence.

CARI provide Child Centred Specialised Therapy and Support for those affected by child sexual abuse. The CARI helpline is the first point of contact and support for any person or professional who has concerns about or is affected by child sexual abuse or sexualised behaviour.

There are now six specialist units (SATU’s) distributed nationally to provide holistic, responsive and patient focused care to women and men over the age of 14 years who have experienced a sexual crime.

GRCC is dedicated to providing a professional, caring and confidential counselling and support service for those in our community affected by sexual abuse and sexual violence.

The mission of The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre is to prevent the harm and heal the trauma of rape and other forms of sexual violence.We work to prevent sexual violence and to eliminate its tolerance in society through education, training and awareness-raising campaigns

Voluntary organisation which provides a free support and counselling service to both female and male survivors of rape and sexual violence in Donegal

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