Sexual Violence provides information about the professional support and the choices available to survivors of sexual violence.

Crime Victim's Helpline provide support for people to talk through the experience of being a victim of crime via a freecall phone number

Connect Counselling provides anonymous professional telephone counselling service for survivors of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

The Rape Crisis Helpline provides info about support for survivors of sexual violence.

Too Into You provides information on and support for intimate relationship abuse.

Women’s Aid provides support to people who have experienced or are experiencing domestic/intimate partner/gendered violence.

The CARI Foundation provides child-centred specialised therapy and support, including a helpline, for those affected by child sexual abuse.

SATU provide information on all your care options if you are over the age of 14 and have been raped or sexually assaulted.

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre provides counselling, support, information and other resources for people affected by rape and other forms of sexual violence.

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