Youth Groups

Webwise is the Irish Internet Safety Awareness Centre which is co-funded by the Department of Education and Skills and is co-financed by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility.

The Quad is a Foroige run youth centre for young people aged 12-18 which also also runs educational and interactive programmes.

Formerly Galway Diocesan Youth Services (GDYS), No 4 Youth Service provides a wide range of supports for young people aged 13 – 25 years, all of which are based on a youth work approach

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) is Ireland’s national child protection charity.

One stop youth service and cafe

The Donegal Youth Council is made up of 33 young people from every corner of Donegal, from each of the 26 secondary schools in the County and from the different youth clubs and organisations from around the county like Foroige and the Donegal Travellers Project.

Donegal Youth Service is a countywide youth service with over 30 affiliated youth clubs and projects that provide drop-in facilities, programmes and services to young people all over Donegal.

CanTeen Ireland is a nation-wide support group for young people who have or have had cancer, and their loved ones.

ADHD Ireland provides support and services for people with ADHD & those who support them, including support groups, courses & helplines.

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