How to get a free STI check-up in Ireland?

Find out where you can get a free STI test in Ireland

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Getting an STI check-up is a great way to protect your health and the health of those you have sex with. Due to the ongoing pandemic, some of the STI services in Ireland are running at reduced capacity. If you cannot find an in-person testing service that works for you, you may have the option of receiving a free STI home testing kit.

Free at-home STI testing kits in Ireland

Free at-home STI testing is now available nationwide through At-home testing works by taking a test you order to your home and then post back. The packaging is discreet, meaning that no one will know what you have received by looking at the package.

Instructions are provided on how to complete the test kit and a stamped addressed envelope is provided to post the completed test kit back to the lab. You should receive your results by phone or text message within 72 hours of the samples arriving at the lab. Order your free STI testing kit.

STI services in Dublin and Leinster 

GUIDe Clinic 

HIV service:

  • The HIV service will continue
  • If you have an appointment please attend at the allocated appointment time
  • If you have any questions or concerns please call 01 416 2315 and leave a message with your name, hospital number and phone number
  • For appointment cancellations only, please email [email protected] with your name, hospital number and contact number and a member of staff will contact you as soon as possible with an alternative appointment date
  • Please note, this phone number is for patients who attend the HIV service only

New HIV Telephone Clinic: If you attend the HIV clinic at GUIDe and would like to speak to a doctor or specialist nurse, you can now call the new HIV Phone Clinic. Telephone: 01 415 1965.

STI service: The online booking system is working again. Visit for available slots. Referrals from GPs via Healthlink are also accepted. Patients will be triaged, this means your case will be reviewed and an appointment given depending on the urgency of our cause, and appointment times sent out.

PrEP: This service is currently at capacity. New PrEP appointments will be released when capacity allows via the online booking system.

PEP: Is still available as a walk-in emergency in the GUIDE clinic. Present to the clinic less than 72 hours after the risk during normal clinic working hours. Outside of these hours, present to your nearest Hospital Emergency Department.

Visit to keep up to date with services.

Gay Men’s Health Service (GMHS) 

  • STI testing clinics: Every Wednesday, for people with no symptoms (asymptomatic). You can book an appointment here or call 01 921 2730 to book if you have symptoms
  • PrEP Clinic: Open every Tuesday. Appointments will be available to book every Tuesday, two weeks in advance of clinics. Book an appointment via Swiftqueue. If you are currently a GMHS PrEP service user and have any queries regarding your PrEP appointment please telephone 01 921 2730

Mater Misericordiae University Hospital 

  • Routine STI services: Email [email protected] for an appointment or telephone 01 803 2063 to speak with a sexual health nurse
  • PEP: Available via the Mater Hospital Emergency Department.
  • PrEP Clinic: Service users can email [email protected] to access this service. They are unable to take new patients at present due to COVID-19 but they will follow up once the public health situation allows. Initial assessments will take place virtually, followed up by an appointment to attend for a full STI screen and collection of prescriptions

Beaumont Hospital 

  • Walk-in HIV testing services open
  • Weekly HIV clinics running as normal
  • Telephone support available at 01 809 3006
  • PEP is available through the Emergency Department with referrals to the clinic for

St. Vincent’s University Hospital 

  • STI Testing: Those with symptoms should present to a GP and will then be linked to the testing clinic if necessary
  • PEP: Available through the Emergency Department and will then be linked to the
  • clinic for follow-up
  • PrEP: This service is at capacity and not taking new services users at the moment
  • HIV Services: Virtual appointments or in-person consultations for existing and new service users

HIV Ireland 

MPOWER Rapid HIV Testing Service, for gay and bisexual men, is now available at LGBTI+ venues across Dublin. These are walk-in services, you do not need to book an appointment. 

• The George – Tuesdays 6pm to 8pm
• Outhouse LGBT Community Centre – Wednesdays 6pm to 8pm
• The Boilerhouse – Sundays 2:30pm to 4:30pm
• Pantibar – Saturdays and Sundays 4pm to 6pm

Free HIV self-test kits can be ordered online every Tuesday at 1 pm.

Nassau Clinic Dublin – Free HIV testing on Sundays 

  • Free and confidential HIV Testing (4th Generation) every Sunday
  • Book online and choose option 6 (HIV Test) 
  • Arrive 5 minutes before your pre-booked time, leave 10 minutes later. All surfaces are disinfected before & after every consultation.
  • All other services are paid, but the HIV testing on Sundays is free of charge.

Midlands Regional Hospital, Portlaoise 

  • STI Testing & Services: All clinics have resumed normal services. Telephone 086 859 1273 for an appointment
  • PEP: Available at the Emergency Department, with follow-up at the clinic
  • PrEP: Available Tuesdays 2 pm to 4 pm by appointment only. Accepting new clients

Midlands Regional Hospital, Mullingar 

  • STI testing services are open. The clinic runs every Wednesday from 5 pm to 8 pm
  • New PrEP clinic is open, every Wednesday from 5 pm to 8 pm
  • Telephone 087 710 4152 to make an appointment

Louth County Hospital, Dundalk 

  • STI testing and treatment, vaccines and PrEP and PEP services are available
  • PrEP clinic takes place on Tuesday mornings
  • Appointments are allocated once a virtual consultation has taken place
  • Telephone 086 824 1847

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda 

  • By appointment only: STI screening, treatment, vaccines and PrEP. Telephone 086 824 1847
  • PEP: available through the Hospital Emergency Department 24/7. Telephone 041 983 7601

Monaghan General Hospital 

  • Services remain suspended
  • PEP: Available at the Minor Injury Unit Monday–Friday. Telephone 047 38835

STI services in Munster

South Infirmary Victoria Hospital Cork 

  • STI Testing: Service is continuing with some capacity restrictions. Telephone 021 4966 844 for an appointment or if you have a query. This is a busy line but there is a voicemail service available so please leave a message and your call will be returned.
  • PEP: Telephone 021 4966 844 (9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday) for assessment or outside these hours please contact the Emergency Department in Cork University Hospital (021 454 6400) or Mercy University Hospital (021 427 1971).
  • PrEP Service: every Monday morning and full day Wednesday (commencing on 4th May 2022). Tel: 087 450 4239. Please leave a message if there is no answer and a member of the team will call you back
  • Vaccinations: HPV, hepatitis A&B vaccinations are available to all eligible candidates. Any new patients can contact the clinic to discuss the vaccination service. Current service users will be contacted for the completion of vaccination programmes. Any new potential patients can contact the clinic to discuss the vaccination service. Telephone 021 4966 844 (9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday).

The Sexual Health Centre, Cork 

  • Rapid HIV Testing Service is available by appointment only
  • Telephone 021 427 6676 or email [email protected]

GOSHH, Limerick

  • Rapid HIV Testing Service is available by appointment only
  • Telephone 061 314 354 or email [email protected]

University Hospital Kerry, Tralee 

  • Operates on a fortnightly basis on alternate Thursdays
  • Telephone the clinic: 021 496 6844

University Hospital Limerick 

  • STI Testing: Providing STI clinics on Tuesday mornings, Thursday mornings and afternoons, by appointment only. Telephone 061 482 382 for an appointment
  • PrEP: Now seeing new and existing service users
  • PEP: Contact the Acute Medical Unit (AMU) at the hospital for an emergency 5-day pack and receive a referral to the sexual health clinic
  • HIV and hepatitis clinics: Appropriate individual arrangements are being made with all current service users. If you have not heard from the clinic, please telephone

University Hospital Nenagh 

  • STI testing clinics by appointment only, on Wednesday afternoons

University Hospital Ennis 

  • STI testing clinics, by appointment only, on Monday mornings. Email [email protected] or call 061 482 382
  • PrEP: for an appointment call 061 482 382

South Tipperary General Hospital, Clonmel 

  • STI testing clinics and services closed until further notice. Testing available at University Hospital Waterford for people with symptoms
  • Telephone support: 051 842 646 – leave a message with staff for a doctor/nurse callback

Carlow District Hospital 

  • STI testing clinics and services closed until further notice. Testing available at University Hospital Waterford for people with symptoms
  • Telephone support: 051 842 646 – leave a message with staff for a doctor or nurse callback

University Hospital Waterford 

  • Limited STI testing services: Priority will be given to people with symptoms and contacts of infections (and for sexual assault, and HSV outbreaks)
  • PrEP: There is no PrEP service at the moment 
  • PEP: Will be available through the clinic or the Emergency Department out of hours
  • Telephone support: 051 842 646 – leave a message with staff for a doctor/nurse callback

Youth Health Services (YHS) Cork (OPEN)

  • Appointments for the clinics on Tuesdays & Fridays can be made by telephone: 076 108 4150
  • Services for people aged 17 to 23 years

STI services in Connaught and Ulster 

University College Hospital Galway 

  • STI testing clinics: Open on an appointment basis only, prioritising people with symptoms or who have other STI urgent care needs. The walk-in clinic is not operating. Telephone 091 542294 and calls will be returned. Limited services for emergencies will be available
  • PEP: Available at the clinic, and through the Hospital Emergency Department at weekends and out of hours
  • HIV treatment and care services: ongoing for current service users on an appointment basis
  • PrEP: Services are currently ongoing
  • Vaccinations: Services are currently ongoing

Portiuncla Hospital, Ballinasloe 

  • Normal Service has resumed
  • Telephone 090 964 8372 (extension 676) for an appointment

Mayo General Hospital, Castlebar 

  • Currently only seeing people with symptoms who require screening and treatment
  • Telephone 094 902 1733 (extension 3501) for an appointment

Sexual Health West, Galway

  • Free Rapid HIV Testing Service available by appointment only
  • To find out the next testing dates or to book an appointment, telephone 091 566 266 or email
    [email protected] or [email protected]

Sligo University Hospital 

  • STI testing services: Operating one night (Tuesday) a week only for new patients by appointment to provide sexual health screening and PEP. Telephone 071 917 0473
  • PEP: Is available through the Hospital Emergency Department outside of clinic hours.

Letterkenny General Hospital 

  • STI Testing: Clinics and services are open with limited capacity. Appointment only
  • PrEP Clinic: Open, by appointment only. Telephone 074 91 23715 for appointments, health advice, support and referral information

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