5 podcasts that help with my anxiety

For some people, podcasts are a great way to relax, learn something new, and take the focus away from anxious thoughts.

Written by Diarmaid Mc Caffrey


Although the confusion is easy to understand, worry and general anxiety are two slightly different things. The main difference? According to Psychology Today, we tend to feel worried in our heads, and we feel anxiety in our body. Worry is a natural response to a particular situation while anxiety is a general sense of unease that you can’t shake. Dealing with anxiety, in particular, is harder than it sounds, a general sense of unease is nothing if not insidious.

No two people suffer from anxiety in the same way so how someone deals with anxiety is entirely up to them. What helps someone to relieve anxiety and relax might not do anything for another. So it’s important to figure out what helps you when feeling the pressure and helps you achieve a better sense of zen, whether that’s running, yoga class or trying to meditate before bed.

For me and so many others, podcasts are a great source of relief. Podcasts are an excellent means to passively relax and learn something new, all the while getting you out of your head. There are a couple of really helpful podcasts that focus on anxiety and mental health while also providing tips and advice.

1. The Mindful Podcast

The concept of mindfulness is rather a simple one. It’s a general form of meditation. The goal is to be present in the moment and to be self-aware of your situation without the feeling of being overwhelmed by what is going on.

Each episode of The Mindful Podcast aims to help the listener to achieve that state. The episodes are relatively quick around five-ten minutes long with a new mental exercise to focus on in each episode.

2. Untangle

Untangle focuses on different forms of meditation. The people on the podcast are encouraging and offer advice to people struggling to motivate themselves.

3. TED Radio Hour

Who doesn’t love an interesting TED talk? The TED Radio Hour is a complication of some of the greatest TED talks in one easy to access format. Each podcast has an hour-long discussion on various topics including space, mental health, technology, medicine and plenty more. In each episode, the people giving the talk go really in-depth into the matter.

4. Soul Music

Exactly what it sounds like. Soul Music is a podcast from BBC 4. Each episode puts an RnB song under a microscope, explores its meaning and the emotional impact it has on people. While not as regular as the other podcasts, it’s probably one of the most soothing podcasts on the net.

5. The Hilarious World Of Depression

Hosted by Radio Host John Moe, a stand up comedian, The Hilarious World of Depression is a series of blunt, and humorous podcasts. The podcast features several comedians who have dealt with depression in some way or another and they explain how they deal with the monkey on their back, as the host puts it. The show is a quest in how to turn depression funny.

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