Halloween costumes ideas that are cheap and easy to make

Go all out this Halloween with these 6 DIY costumes

Written by Dani Roche


Snack size treat bags, monkey nuts and barmbrack are slowly but surely taking over the shop aisles which means it’s officially time to think about how to put together a cheap n’ cheerful “I made no effort but I still look like I kind of did” Halloween costume. This is usually quite a difficult task to complete. But, worry not! I’ve got you covered with these costumes that shouldn’t break the bank.

Queer Eye Fab 5

Gather your 4 finest friends honey because it’s time to channel one of this years most beloved friend groups. The most difficult part of this costume? Choosing which member you want to be. Once you figure that out; it’s all ago. Simply have a Google search for some of this groups best looks. 

Walmart yodel boy

If you fancy paying tribute to this year’s internet sensation then look no further. Pull together this look with a white button-up shirt, straight jeans, a pair of your finest black boots, a larger-than-life belt buckle and a lovely red bow tie to top it off; yee-haw!

Mrs Doubtfire

2018 has been all about bringing the 90’s back; from fanny packs to Dad runners and everything in between. So, let’s bring back one of the best parts of the 90’s along with them by paying homage to the one and only Mrs. Doubtfire. All you’re going to need to recreate this legendary character is a white blouse, a cable knit cardigan, a midi skirt, some tanned tights, brogues and a grey wig. Pop some cream all over your face to become the perfect Mrs. Doubtfire, dear.

An Avocado

I can’t think of a reason why someone wouldn’t want to dress up as the item which is (supposedly) the sole reason us millennials can’t afford homes? If you can’t either, then continue reading. All you’re going to need is some cardboard, two shades of green paint and some brown paint to recreate the centre. You’ll also need some shoulder straps; an old belt might do the trick.

Eleven from Stranger Things

To embody the much loved Stranger Things character you’ll need an old pink dress, tube socks and a blonde wig. If you fancy going all out, carry around a box of waffles with you for the night; dainty and delicious.

Bob Ross

What better way to make sure you’re the star of the party than to dress up as the star of the art world? You’re going to need an wig, a blue oxford shirt and a pair of straight jeans. Grab yourself a paint brush and a paint palette to complete this look.

So, whether you’re set on releasing your inner Fab 5 character or you’d prefer to keep it calm, cool and collected like every millennials favourite fruit, there are plenty of ideas for fab costumes that are easy to make and won’t break the bank. 

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