How to be positive and make the most of the week ahead

Laura gives some tips for avoiding the fear many of us feel at the end of the weekend

Written by Laura Lynch


With the weekend coming to an end, I wanted to share some tips I have for easing that weekend ‘Fear’ we all know so well. The fear can be different from person to person but for me, it’s a form of anxiety that creeps up on me every so often, at the end of a weekend. It’s the dread we can feel knowing the weekend is soon to be over and it’s time to get your act together for the new week ahead.

I have put together some simple tips which help me deal with this ‘Fear’ when it comes along and I hope you can get some relief with these tips if you’re feeling  the fear today!

Make a ‘High Vibe vs Low Vibe’ list

A High Vibe vs Low Vibe list is exactly what it says on the tin. Grab a pen and paper and split your page in two: on one side write down things which make you feel a bit crappy and then on the other side of your page, write down a list of things or activities which make you feel motivated or positive. It sounds a bit too simple to be of any use but I’ve found it really does help. Making this list alone will make you feel motivated because it’ll open your eyes up to simple things you can do to flip an anxious mind to a motivated one. Keep your list in your purse or take a photo of it on your phone and when you’re feeling a bit off, refer back to the list and pick something from your High Vibe section which you can do to change your mood or redirect your thoughts.

I got this idea from a podcast I listen to – ‘Style your mind’ by Cara Alwill Leyba – she is AMAZING, so uplifting and will most definitely motivate you to have a great day after listening to her. Look her up on the podcast app if you’re into motivational speakers. Listening to this podcast is one of the things on my High Vibe list.

Set some small goals for the week

Keep it simple. Try come up with 2 or 3 achievable goals which you know will make you feel good if you achieve them. For me, these goals could include things like going for a run or cleaning my room. I find it helpful to make a decision about the days I will slot these activities into my schedule and once I get them done, I feel really proud of myself.

Make plans for the weekdays

I find this is a really good way of shifting out of the ‘living for the weekend’/ ‘TGIF’ way of thinking. I really don’t want to constantly look towards the weekend and not enjoy all the many days in between. It just seems a bit pointless to me. Try to make plans to meet up with a friend for a coffee, walk during the week after work or, a cinema night.

Get prepared

Again, it’s really simple but I try to spend a half hour or so getting my clothes and lunch ready for work on a Sunday night. It just makes me feel better knowing I am organised and won’t be as stressed dragging myself out of bed the next day for the new week.

Rest up

Again, not rocket science and I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times but genuinely just go to bed. The weekend is over no matter how late we stay up so just accept it, put on fresh pjs, have some tea and get your z’s or you’ll feel even worse the next day.

Hope this helps ease your fear a little. Have a good week!

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