Our experience at the YSI Speak Out

Students from Mercy Beaumont give an overview of the YSI SpeakOut Tour.

Written by spunout


Our project aims to get students in Mercy Beaumont school to be more active during lunch times. We believe that our project is making a difference and influencing a lot of students. We hope to continue to influence more students and that Lunch Time Sports in our school will continue throughout the years.

On Monday, the 4th of March, we went to The Mansion House in Dublin city centre for the Young Social Innovators Tour. It was a chance for all students who took part in the YSI action project to present what actions they took and what social issue they had chosen. It was very interesting and full of different categories of social issues.

In the morning, we all made our way to town and met outside of the GPO at half 8. Most of us arrived on time and walked to the Mansion House near St. Stephen’s Green. It was a bit of a walk but was well worth it when we arrived in because the place looked amazing. The hall was set up nicely with chairs placed all around with a big stage set up in the front. It looked very good.

We were all filled with nerves as we watched the room begin to fill up with different schools who had taken part in the YSI Action Project. We all decided to practice one more time and go over our dance routine. It was so nerve wrecking.

The Speak Out started off with a fun little dance at the start and was kicked off with the first group acting out their chosen action project. It was very interesting watching all off the different acts and how we had all chosen different social issues. We thought that every act was very well prepared and that made us even more nervous.

When it was then our turn to go and act out our social issue and we were all very nervous as we stood at the side of the stage. Soon as we came up on stage we were all still very nervous but we continued to act it out. We started off with the class split into 2 different groups; the fit and the unfit.

We were all doing our thing and then Mrs. Do Your Bit and Keep Fit came along and encouraged us all to take part in exercise. We all then got into our positions and began our dance routine. We danced to “Let’s Get Physical”. In the end we thought that we did very well and were very proud of ourselves.

Overall, the whole day was such a brilliant experience and we are so grateful to have been a part of it. We hope to continue our Lunch Time Sports Action Project because we genuinely believe that it is making a difference to students in our school.

We put in as much effort as we could towards our project and definitely feel that we have done ourselves proud. We all worked hard as a class and have gained many skills from taking part of Young Social Innovators.

Do your bit and keep fit!

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