How I prepared for my first driving lesson

Driving a car for the first time can be a daunting experience, here’s how it went for Holly.

Written by Holly O'Brien


For most young people in rural Ireland, learning to drive is a high priority. 

As soon as I turned 17 I did my theory test, and passed! After receiving my learner permit the next step was finding an instructor. I found it really hard to find an instructor that was willing to take a young driver and had reasonable prices, so it’s a good idea to shop around.

Preparing for my lesson

After finding an instructor, I booked my first lesson. I decided to book it on a day where I didn’t have anything else scheduled so it could be my main focus.

Before going I made sure I had eaten (no one wants a rumbling stomach when you’re stuck in a car with someone for an hour!) and I wore comfortable clothes and shoes.

I got my learner permit and money ready, brought a water bottle and arrived 5 minutes early to have time to prepare.

During My Lesson

Thankfully my instructor was lovely and really put me at ease. He gave me the option of where I wanted to drive, so I chose somewhere quiet to get used to the car (even if your instructor doesn’t offer, don’t be afraid to ask).He was really patient and had no problem repeating things if I didn’t understand.

After My Lesson

After sitting in a car focusing for an hour, I recommend doing something to relax; take a walk, grab a bite or just sit and chill! I went to the gym after mine.

I read through the feedback he gave me to see if there was anything I could work on.Even without being able to drive a car between lessons there are still ways of practising, just observing someone else’s driving from the passenger seat has been really beneficial to me.

My Advice

I’m 5 lessons in now and still make mistakes, but it’s ok because I’m still learning. I feel more and more comfortable every time I sit in a car. 

Try not to worry beforehand. Your instructor wants you to succeed, so they will help! I was pleased to learn that most instructor cars have dual control so that really put me at ease too.

Just remember; if you’re learning in your instructor’s car, chances are they have more appointments after you, so don’t worry, they won’t let you crashRelax, don’t panic, and happy driving!

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