IYI Talks: Relaxing work permit laws for Non-EU nationals

Senator Neale Richmond recently spoke at the Indian Youth Ireland event.

Written by Shashank Chakerwarti


Senator Neale Richmond, elected to Seanad Éireann in April 2016 to the Labour Panel as a spokesperson on European Affairs, was very kind to invite the members of the Indian Youth Ireland to the Leinster House and gave a private tour of the Dail, after IYI emailed the Honourable Senator inviting him to their IYI Talks, for a thorough discussion on the letter he wrote to the Tánaiste and Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Frances Fitzgerald, T.D. asking his own government to relax work permit laws for Non-EU nationals.

Indian Youth Ireland (IYI) is an organisation founded by Mr. Shashank R. Chakerwarti to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among the Indian youth residing in Ireland, simultaneously creating one of the best support systems for them here. IYI Talks is an initiative to provide the members with a platform for a healthy discussion and share their concerns on contemporary issues that affect them most.  

Senator Neale Richmond shared some very compelling facts that the majority of the population is overlooking and if not dealt immediately, could affect the Irish economic growth.

Post completing his education in Finance the Senator moved to Belgium where he learnt that there is not a city on this planet, where you will not find an Irish pub. Ireland is a nation whose majority of the population emigrated during The Great Famine to the far corners of this world, in search of a new home and economic opportunities, but perhaps, we have not been a great host. We will soon be reaching a point where the likes of Donald Trump’s presidency, Britain’s Exit from the European Union, the ever growing threat of nuclear war with North Korea and Ireland’s very liberal approach to the EU could make the state a very attractive focal point for investors and multinational firms.

However, Ireland’s employment statistics show that the Republic will be reaching full employment very soon from unemployment figures 15%-16% during the crash to currently 6%, and in future at 3%, the country is to be considered fully employed according to International standards. An increasing inward investment and job production may lead to a higher demand for labourers, whilst the Republic will not be able to supply that market need if work permit applications are not eased for Non-EU nationals, especially for attracting skilled labour.

What led to the Senator writing to the Tánaiste and Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation?

Neale was drinking coffee in his favourite coffee shop, approached by the owner saying he will have to shut his business down, resulting into 10 jobs lost, solely because his three Mauritian chefs, who the owner trained for years are being deported after their case was held in the immigration for 9 years. Neale was contacted by multiple SMEs like the coffee shop to be their voice in the Irish political sphere. The Senator raised concerns over the severe shortage of hospitality staff with a rapidly growing Irish tourism sector, IT professionals, Data Specialists, Bookkeepers, and the Financial sector boom post BREXIT will require qualified financial professionals to fill this void.

“1 job creates 10 more jobs” – Senator Neale Richmond

Watch Senator Neale Richmond’s full talk here on his letter to the Tánaiste, followed by a panel discussion featuring Mr. Asheesh Dewan and Mr. Godfrey Chimbganda.

View photos from the IYI Talks with Senator Neale Richmond.

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