Workshop: Taking action on issues that matter to you

Find out more about the Global Goals, and how you can channel your passion and commitment to bring about positive change.

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On Tuesday 15th September, and Global Action Plan are running a free online workshops taking action on the local or global issues that matter to you. In this workshop you’ll learn more about the global goals, and how you can take positive action in your local community, nationally or internationally.

This session is being run by Global Action Plan. They’ll help you understand more about the issues that are important to you, how to identify the root causes and problems, and how to take action as an individual or with others.

If there are issues you’re passionate about in your life and you want to see some positive change, this session will hopefully set you on your activism path and give you the knowledge and tools needed to make a change.

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Workshop FAQ

Who can sign up for this workshops

This workshop is for anyone 16-25 and living in Ireland.

Do I need to travel for this workshop?

No, the workshop will be held online through Zoom. We’ll send you the Zoom link before the session and you can log in a few minutes before the workshop starts.

I can’t make this workshop, are there others I can go to?

Yes, we have a series of workshops in 2020 that are free, online, and open to anyone 16-25 and living in Ireland. Our workshops will cover topics like climate justice, LGBT+ inclusion, mental health, podcasting and creating videos, and more. Find out more here.

I have other questions about this workshop

If you have any questions about this or future workshops, feel free to email our Head of Volunteer Heather ([email protected]).

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