What is the Zero Waste Movement and how can you get involved?

Anna talks about the Zero Waste movement in this short video created for the UN Climate Change Youth Video competition

Written by Anna Golden


How much waste do we create in a year? According to the CSO, Irish people send an average of 220kg of waste to landfill every year, that’s the weight of a grizzly bear! Each! Every year!

I am passionate about reducing waste because waste has huge consequences for the environment. The Zero Waste movement aims to minimise waste and promote sustainable consumption. It is a really tangible thing that we can all do to reduce our environmental footprint and to show companies and governments that sustainability is something we care about.

I am a 19 year old student from Galway and I made this animation to explain Zero Waste in a succinct and engaging way. My video has just been shortlisted in a UN Climate Change Youth Video competition. It is one of 20 selected from around the world out of over 300 entries. The video with the most views by the 28th of September wins, so please watch and share the video!

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