Are you interested in writing about the EU?

We want your thoughts, opinions and ramblings about the European Union!

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Do you have an interest in the European Union? Have you always wanted to write for SpunOut but never really known what to write about? Do you care about how the EU impacts your life and your friends and family?

EU Hub

Here at we’re working in partnership with the European Parliament and other organisations, including the USI, to create content for’s EU Hub.

The EU Hub is a section of the website which focuses on the work of the European Parliament. The hub aims to inform readers about the main functions of the parliament, and highlight how EU policies affect young people’s day to day lives. The aim is to get our readers informed about the EU ahead of next year’s parliamentary elections.

What do I need to do?

We’re looking for anyone aged 16-25 who is interested in writing articles or creating videos for the EU Hub. The content can focus on any aspect of the EU or European Parliament that you are interested in and that you think other people aged 16-25 are interested in.

How do I get started?

Read our submission guidelines before your get started. Any questions? Just drop an email to [email protected].

You can then send in a draft or finished article to [email protected]. Heather can work with you to get the piece ready to be published on the site. Once you're both happy with the piece, it will be posted on

FAQs from contributors

  • I’m not that comfortable writing articles or making videos. Can anyone help? Yes, email [email protected] if you need help with your content.

  • I’m not sure if the article is ready to be posted on the website. Help! Send your article (even if it in a rough draft) to [email protected] and she can work with you to finish your article.  

  • I’ve never written an article for SpunOut before, can I start now? Yes, we accept content for anyone aged 16-25 in Ireland whether or not you have written for before. 

  • Are there other ways to get involved with SpunOut? Yes, get in touch with [email protected] to learn more about other ways you can volunteer.

  • Will all articles and videos be accepted and posted on We aim to post any content we receive as long as it meets the criteria in our submission guidelines and is in line with our editorial policy. We will let you know if there is a reason we cannot post your contribution.

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