Face up to Fat-Shaming Campaign

spunout is excited to announce our latest campaign “Face up to Fat-Shaming”.

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spunout is excited to announce our latest campaign “Face up to Fat-Shaming”. Chosen by the spunout Action Panel volunteers, they are asking people to recognise and reflect upon the negative impact that body-shaming and fat-shaming can have. The campaign will highlight the personal stories of young people who have experienced fat-shaming or body-shaming, both from themselves and others, due to what society has taught them about being fat or living in a larger body. 

This campaign was chosen by our young volunteers as they felt that body-shaming and fat-shaming, in particular, is really common amongst young people and that because of this it was really important to start a conversation about why judging ourselves and others based on weight and appearance is not helpful.

Face up to Fat-Shaming Content

CW // **These articles reference eating disorders. Bodywhys helpline: 01 2107906 or [email protected] 

To get involved you can share stories of how fat-shaming or comments on your appearance have affected you using #FaceuptoFatShaming. You can also check out our social media accounts to read the campaign content over the week. 

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