Young LGBTI+ voices share what pride means to them

Ahead of the first in person Pride in three years, young LGBTI+ voices share what pride means to them.

Written by spunout


After three years since the last in-person Pride celebrations in 2019, this year marks a special moment, and for many young people, their first experience of in-person Pride. spunout asked young people what Pride means to them in 2022 and how pride in their identities affects their lives.

Ali, a member of Ireland’s first explicitly LGBTQ+ inclusive GAA club, Na Gaeil Aeracha, talks about what Pride means to them


Drag artist Dr Count Evil shares what Pride means to them


Trans and non-binary activist Ollie talks about how their identity has shaped their life. Follow Trans & Intersex Pride to learn more.


Drag artist Liam Bee talks about the family they have found in the drag community

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