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spunout is a service provided by Community Creations Company Limited by Guarantee, a registered charity in Ireland. 

The information provided by spunout and accessible on this site as part of this service has been compiled from many sources which are not all controlled by spunout. While all reasonable care has been taken in the publication of content of this website, spunout does not assume legal or other liability for inaccuracy, mistake or any other errors. 

The information contained on this website is intended to provide a general overview only and may change from time to time. It should not be relied on as a sole source of information or be relied upon in determining legal rights or other entitlements, including to public services. Readers should make sure to evaluate the relevance, accuracy and completeness of the information given here before relying on this information in any important issues. Readers should also get appropriate professional advice to help in their own particular situation.

spunout provides only general information on health-related issues. None of the information on this website is intended for use as a medical diagnosis and is not intended to be used as a substitute for advice and treatment from a qualified medical professional. This website, associated services and social media accounts do not provide counselling or online professional support. spunout staff and volunteers cannot offer medical advice or counselling. If you have a health worry or personal problem you should talk to a doctor or qualified health professional. 

The information and comments on this site may include opinions or recommendations of third parties that may not reflect the views of spunout or mean a commitment from the organisation to any opinion or action. spunout has attributed copyright or other intellectual right to the owners where appropriate. If any attribution has been missed or overlooked, spunout will correct the mistake when informed via email at [email protected].

Links to other websites and organisation contact details are shown for the convenience of the user and do not mean that spunout endorses the material of those sites, organisations or any associated service or product. The content of websites and organisations linked to spunout is out of our control. Our readers have the responsibility of making their own decisions about the reliability and accuracy of information found at other websites and organisations. However, if you notice a piece of information on this site that looks like it might be incorrect or in need of updating, you can let us know by sending an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to look into it. 

By accessing this website or linked information on this website the user waives and releases spunout from any and all claims related to the usage of content available through the website. spunout cannot be held liable in any event for incident or consequential damages due to use of the content.

For information on spunout’s use of personal data, please see our Data Policy

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