Life’s Like This

Share your September 20th with RTÉ

Written by spunout


Are you aged between 13 and 19 years old?

On Friday 20th September RTÉ want you to film your life and tell the world what you’re doing, feeling or seeing on this particular day. The footage submitted will be compiled into a unique documentary that will be broadcast later this year on RTÉ. Audiences will learn what it’s like to be growing up in Ireland today.

Have a look at last year’s to get a feel for what we’re talking about:

Life's Like This – 2012 from Macalla Teo on Vimeo.

Details on Life’s Like This are available here. Your films can be uploaded through the site from Friday, September 20th, to midnight on Monday, September 23rd. Items sent by post need to arrive by close of business on Tuesday, September 24th.

How and what you can film:

  • You can film using your phone, camera, a webcam, iPad; you name it. If it records you can use it. Just try for the highest quality possible please!
  • Sound and focus is important. We need to be able to hear and see clearly what’s happening.
  • You can speak in any language at all – English, Irish, Polish, French etc.
  • Your film should be a max 2 minutes long.
  • At the start of your film tell us your name and what time it is when you’re filming.
  • You can film anytime of the day and/or many different times of the day once it’s on Friday 20th September.
  • You must get permission slips signed by everyone who features in your film, over and under 18s – Everyone! You can download this form on the RTÉ website here.

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