Two Tube Wants You

Come to SpunOut HQ next Monday and you could be on TwoTube!

Written by spunout


RTE's TwoTube are coming to on the 26th of August and are bringing their Truth Booth. We're looking for 16-21 year olds to pop in at 12pm to do some recording with us and you could feature on national TV.

Here is a little bit about the show and what they are looking for:

“Two Tube want your voice, your opinions and your talents on TV, so we have introduced the ‘Truth Booth’ to the show!  We will be setting it up all over the country and inviting young people to come in and share with the nation a joke, a song, who they fancy or even get whatever is bothering them off their chest, like ‘AHHH my sister always robs my clothes’ or ‘I hate when people pick their nose!’. The pop up tent is tall and fits about three standing people in it and a camera. It’s a fun and interactive way to get young people’s opinions and banter on the telebox!”

We'd love to have you along, and please bring friends. (This is where we are)

If you're interested please just fill out the form here.
Monday 26th of August, 12pm, HQ. And don't forget to get your mates along.


TwoTube TV presenters

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