A vigil is a symbolic and solemn event.

Written by spunout


Holding a vigil is a powerful kind of protest. You can remember a group in society who is discriminated against or who are victims of torture and persecution around the world. You can also hold a peace vigil at a time of war. Vigils are usually held at night by candlelight and involve a group of people standing together, sometimes in silence.

Tips for a vigil:

  • Choose a pedestrian street or town square where your group will be highly visible.
  • Hold your vigil on a Friday or Saturday when there are plenty of people around doing their shopping.
  • Bring along a fold up table to place candles and any information leaflets you have prepared.
  • Dress up in warm clothes as it can get cold standing around in one place.
  • Buy candles in holders if you can, in case it is windy. A tip is to place candles in clear glass jam jars that you can save up over time.
  • Your group may choose to remain silent, but always have someone to talk to the general public and media.
  • Contact the local media well before your vigil and ask them to send a photographer and reporter.
  • Prepare photocopied leaflets to distribute to the public on the evening of your vigil.

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