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Third level culinary courses

Want to know more about what culinary and food science courses are on offer?

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in education

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Fancy yourself as the next Gordon Ramsey with a scattering of Michelin Star restaurants under your belt? Or maybe you are more of a science lover who is fascinated by the production behind the food we eat or the way it affects our body.

Well whatever type of culinary path you would like to follow there are a number of college courses that may allow you to explore your gourmet fantasises.

Culinary Arts

Want to be a chef? Then culinary arts is the course for you. This degree combines practical kitchen work with culinary theory, critical thinking and problem solving. Take a look at any cooking show on the telly and it is plain to see that being a chef isn't just about how well you can whip up a Hollandaise sauce! Working in a kitchen of a restaurant can be an extremely tough job. As a chef you have to ensure the food is top notch, that your kitchen is spotless, that your waiting staff are organised and your diners are satisfied.

Potential careers:
Chef, caterer, hospitality management, food critics

Food Science

Interested in how our food is produced? If you are scientifically minded then a food science course offers you a fascinating inside into how the food that we take for granted everyday created and developed. There are elements of biology, chemistry and mathematics involved in food science and it also allows its graduates entry into the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Potential careers:
Food production, research and development

Nutrition and Dietitics

If you have an interest in biology and want to learn more about how food helps and hinders us then perhaps a course in food and nutrition would tickle your fancy? Everyone knows how harmful too much sugar and junk food can be for our health but if you want to know your B6 from your B12, understand complex dietary restrictions and help people become healthier by giving them tailored diet plans then maybe this is the route for you. If you watch Operation Transformation and are just as entertained by the diet plans as the emotional journey of the contestants then maybe you should be a nutritionist or dietician.

Potential careers:
Clinical nutritionist, dietician, research 

Bakery and Pastry Arts

Are you an early riser with a dainty touch? Perhaps you love the smell of freshly baked bread and would like to know how to make such fresh and fragant ingredients for customers? Baking requires a completely different set of skills than those of a chef. Kneading dough is quite a physically demanding task, especially if you are producing hundreds of loaves, so the life of a baker is more suitable to those foodies who don't mind a bit of exertion! The life of the pastry chef is a much more delicate affair. If you have a steady hand, enjoy specific measurements and know your puff from your roux, pastry masterminding could be your calling.

Potential careers:
Baker, dessert chef, pastry chef.

Culinary Management

Running a restaurant is not for the faint-of-heart. Restaurant managers need to be charismatic, upbeat, organised and most importantly, they need to be able to be very calm under pressure. If buzzing around a packed dining room and bending to the whims of customers doesn't sound too appealing there are a number of different culinary business routes that you can pursue. Learn everything from how to start-up an artisan bakery to how to promote great, local and organic produce by studying culinary entrepreneurship or culinary management.

Potential careers:
Restaurant manager, shop owner, food and beverage owner

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Published December 16th, 2014
Last updated November 28th, 2016
Tags education college
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