What happens if you drink alcohol during pregnancy?

The safest thing to do is to avoid alcohol completely while pregnant

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If you choose to smoke or drink when pregnant then your baby will also feel the effects.

Both you and your baby deserve the best chance of good health and you must remember that you are responsible for the health of your baby. So you need to think seriously about the effects of alcohol and smoking on both you and the baby.

What happens if you drink alcohol when pregnant?

There are some important points to keep in mind when it comes to drinking alcohol while pregnant.

Every time you drink alcohol when pregnant your baby does too

The alcohol goes through your bloodstream and passes into your baby’s blood via the placenta. This can lead to brain damage, as alcohol interferes with the baby’s ability to get enough oxygen to their brain.

Drinking while pregnant can cause your baby to be born with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome 

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome can cause serious physical and mental problems. A person born with this condition may have serious disabilities and require lifelong care as a result. Scientists and doctors still do not know just how much or how little alcohol will cause this syndrome, so it is better to just avoid drinking any alcohol at all.

Drinking increases the chances that your baby won’t grow properly

Your baby is likely to be smaller than average in weight and height. This may affect the baby’s chance of survival.

The risk of miscarriage

You are more likely to miscarry if you drink alcohol. According to one large Danish study, even moderate levels of drinking can increase the risk of miscarriage during the first trimester.

Problems later in life

Your baby might also have problems later, like learning difficulties or being hyperactive.

Is there a safe amount of alcohol you can drink while pregnant?

There is no safe amount of alcohol you can drink when pregnant. The best thing to do is to stop drinking alcohol altogether when pregnant or when trying to become pregnant. The most dangerous time to drink alcohol is in the first three months of pregnancy.

Heavy drinking (five or more drinks in one day) means your baby risks being born with brain damage or other birth defects.

When can I start drinking alcohol again?

If you are breast-feeding, alcohol will pass to your baby through the milk. If you want a drink during this time, wait until after feeding the baby. Remember, a normal drink takes an hour to leave the body.

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