Alcohol free events and activities in Ireland

Your weekend plans don’t have to include drinking.

Written by spunout


Looking for something to do with your friends that doesn’t involve alcohol? There are plenty of fun events and activities you can take part in, alone and with a group, that don’t involve drinking.

Venues, bars and clubs

There are a number of venues and clubs that are alcohol-free, from late-night coffee shops to places you can go for a dance.

  • No Name Club (Nationwide): The No Name Club is a club for 15-18 year olds to find ways to make friends and enjoy social gatherings without needing alcohol or drugs.
  • Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge (Dublin): Accents is open until 11pm each night, Accents can be an alternative to going to a bar to catch up with friends.
  • Clockwork Door (Dublin): The Clockwork Door is a pay-by-hour venue where you can play board games, get free tea and coffee, and no alcohol is served. They’re open until 10 each night.
  • The Virgin Mary (Dublin  – Over 18’s): The Virgin Mary is an over-18s cocktail bar selling non-alcoholic cocktails. They’re located on Capel St in Dublin

Alcohol Free Activities

This list has just some of the things you can plan with friends to enjoy a day, evening, or whole weekend without drinking.

  • Go for a hike or a long walk somewhere scenic
  • Watersports like surfing, water-skiing, or even scuba diving
  • A trip to the cinema or a movie night at home
  • Cooking or baking at home with friends
  • Going out for a meal with the focus on enjoying the company and food rather than drinking
  • Bowling
  • Rock climbing
  • Try an escape room with friends at places like Adventure Rooms
  • Dance class
  • Cooking class
  • Go zip lining – Zipit have locations in Cork, Roscommon and Dublin
  • Instead of a pub crawl, go on a café crawl and try coffee / hot chocolate / tea around the city with friends
  • Join a local camera club and go to meetups and workshops
  • Try mountain biking – places like (Dublin and Wicklow) run mountain bike workshops and sessions for different age groups
  • Have a games night with board games or video games

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