Aerial classes in Ireland

Circus based training classes combined strength and conditioning

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If you are looking to take up an exercise class but aren’t interested by the regular options which gyms offer there are other choices for you. Circus based exercise such as aerial dance and acrobatic classes helps to develop a strong core and overall body tone by learning different combinations of moves and athleticism while in the air. Classes will start at beginner level so if you do not feel you have the strength to take part don’t worry, most people can’t climb or pull when they first begin but this is built up over time.

What can be taught in an aerial class?

Verticals: Fabric & Rope (also known as tissu or silks or corde lisse)

This is a type of performance where one or more people perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a specially made fabric or a rope. The performer climbs the fabric/rope, relying only on their training and skill to ensure safety. The fabric or rope is used to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions.

Support: Trapeze / Hoop (also known as static trapeze and lyra)

This is a trapeze or hoop act where one or more performers move around the bar/hoop and ropes, performing a wide range of movements including balances, drops, hangs while the hoop itself stays generally still. The difficulty on a trapeze/hoop is making this look easy.

Doubles: Involves working on the apparatus as part of a duet

This can be done on vertical (fabric/rope) or support apparatus (trapeze/hoop). Two artists work together on the same apparatus to perform figures and bear each other’s weight. A lot of time is spent developing trust and confidence in the partnership.

Aerial Classes around Ireland

Taking Flight, Dublin

Taking Flight is an education and performance studio in Phibsborough, Dublin. They specialise in the teaching of Verticals (Fabric and rope) ,Supports (trapeze, hoop, cocoon) and Doubles. They offer classes across three levels; Explorer, Improver and Skilled. For more information on class times and pricing click here.

The Irish Aerial Creation Centre, Limerick

The Irish Aerial Creation Centre in Limerick offer classes in Fabric, Mixed Apparatus and Hoop and Trapeze. The classes are offered across Explorers, Improvers and Skilled levels. Click here for full information on classes and pricing.

Circus Factory Cork

Circus Factory is a community-based circus training and creation space in Cork. Their goal is to promote circus and street arts, and provide teaching for all ages and levels. Circus Factory offer weekly training session for all levels. The sessions include group warm-up, taster workshops and  time to play and skill-share. No experience required and classes run on Wednesdays from 7-9pm.

For full information on all classes and workshops click here.

Galway Community Circus

Galway Community Circus offer Adult Aerial courses which run for the duration of the term alongside their youth classes. The Adult Aerial courses are designed for people aged 18+ years. Classes are for explorer, improver and skilled level students.

They also run Senior Circus classes are for young people aged 15 to 20 years. These classes give participants a chance to learn a variety of circus skills. The areas of circus they focus on are balance, manipulation, acrobatics (including aerial) and performance.

For more information on classes, pricing and times click here.

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