How to play ultimate frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is growing in popularity around Ireland

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Ultimate Frisbee (or Ultimate) is a fact paced, athletic and fun team sport, played using a Frisbee. It’s played on grass, on the beach or indoors. On grass, it’s 7 v 7, while indoors and on the beach it’s 5 v 5. There are three divisions in Ultimate: open, women’s and mixed. All three divisions are played across Ireland.

How do you play it?

Ultimate Frisbee is played on a field similar to a rugby pitch, with an ‘endzone’ at each end. Teammates throw the Frisbee to each other, working their way up the pitch. A point is scored when someone catches the Frisbee while in their end zone. You cannot run while you have the Frisbee and you have 10 seconds to throw it. If the other team intercepts the Frisbee or forces you to throw it into the ground or out of bounds, that’s a “turn over” and that team will then get the Frisbee to try and score.

In Ultimate Frisbee, there are no referees and it’s a non-contact sport. There is an emphasis on fair play and treating all players with respect. This is called the Spirit of the Game

You can find full instructions here.

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Why is it a good sport to play?

  • It’s a full body workout
  • It can improve your team work skills
  • It is self-refereed so it teaches you about sportsmanship and fair play
  • It can boost your mood and is a great way to meet new people

What do you need to play?

  • Two team of 2-7 players on each side.
  • A frisbee (you can play with any kind but it is recommend that you play with a special kind, purposely made for playing the game)
  • An outdoor field, with two endzones marked off at either end
  • Comfortable clothes and runners

Can I get involved?  

There are plenty of opportunities to play Ultimate Frisbee across Ireland. Check out the Irish Flying Disc Association’s website and Facebook page for more information.

In Ireland, the majority of people start playing Frisbee when they go to college, with some people starting in secondary school. Because of this, everyone learns how to play and how to throw at an older age so there is no need to worry if you’ve never played before.

There are lots of leagues in Ireland throughout the year that are open to everyone, regardless of whether you have played before. A ful listing of the league is available here

Who should I contact to start playing?

Contact the Irish Flying Disc Association for more information about ultimate near you. Or you can message the Ultimate Frisbee clubs in your college:

Trinity College Dublin

University College Dublin

Dublin Institute of Technology 

Dublin City University

Dublin Youth Ultimate

Maynooth University 

National University of Ireland, Galway

University College Cork

University of Limerick 

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