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Nine top tips for travelling abroad

Make the most of your holiday abroad with these simple steps

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in life

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Travelling abroad is an amazing opportunity to see new places, meet new people and experience new cultures. To ensure you make the most of your time when travelling abroad it is important to make essential preparations before you leave and then follow some simple steps while abroad. By doing this you can make the most out of your trip, while staying safe and not completely blowing your budget. 

Travelling abroad checklist

Be prepared

Start preparing for your trip a month or more before you leave. Having accomodation and transport organised before you go will help to make your journey stress free and is the most cost effective way to travel.


Make sure that your passport is in date and will not expire while you are travelling. It is also important to make photocopies of your passport and other I.D incase any get stolen or go missing.

Go to the Doctor

Talk to a doctor or nurse about whether you need any vaccines (jabs) for the countries you plan to visit. Ask about the price also. This is important as some are very expensive and you might need to rethink your travel budget. The Irish Tropical Medical Bureau has a lot of information on vaccinations. If you take any medication (the pill, asthma, and diabetic meds) make sure you have enough for the whole trip and a copy of the prescription. If the prescription is unreadable, get a typed letter from your doctor.

Pack the essentials

Remember to pack good sunglasses, a sun cream with a high level of protection and insect repellent if you're going to a warm country. Other essentials include a small first aid kit, sanitary products and painkillers.

Be informed 

Do you know what the language in Thailand is? Or the adaptor you will need for your phone while you are there? It is easy to assume when travelling in Europe that certain things will be the same from country to county but Switzerland for example does not have the same electrical sockets as the rest of Europe so you cannot use your european adaptors there. Brush up on the language and essential knowledge you will need about a country such as currency and culture before you arrive to help make your journey easier.

Check what you eat

Be careful with food and drink abroad. Make sure the drinking water is safe to drink before consuming it. Most countries with unsafe drinking water sell bottled water very cheaply. It is also very advisable to use bottled water for brushing your teeth. Make sure that any food you purchase is well cooked. Try to avoid ice in your drinks.

Get travel insurance and visas

Get travel insurance: it needs to cover you for illness, injury, accident and theft of money, luggage and documents. Also make sure that you have the appropriate visas that you will need for each country that you are travelling to, especially if you are moving from one country to another. 

And don't forget the European Health Insurance card if you're travelling in Europe. It's free and means you'll be able to get medical care without problems in other European countries.

Book in advance

Booking tickets on tours and to museums or parks in advance normally cuts down on cost. Look up seasonal offers which may apply to areas if you are travelling at off peak times. 

Keep in touch

If you get homesick make sure to keep in regular contact with your family and friends. Letting them know where you are staying and where you plan to travel to next will also help give your friends and family peace of mind if you are travelling to new areas. 

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Published Decem­ber 6th2012
Last updated March 23rd2018
Tags travel health checklist visa health insurance
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