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Traveling in the summer on a budget

Ways to travel without breaking the bank

Written by Megan Stonecipher and posted in life

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Traveling is always a great thing to do in the summer because the weather finally starts getting to be a little warmer and the majority of people either have time off or have the ability to take time off. Unfortunately though, some people pass on the opportunity to travel in the summer due to how expensive it can be. If you feel like you can’t travel this summer because of how expensive it can be, check out these tips for traveling on a budget.  

Cheapest ways to travel

  • The first best place to check for flights is - they often have a lot of great deals when it comes to getting inexpensive plane tickets.
  • Always try to book plane tickets well in advance because the tickets are much cheaper a month out rather than a week before you are going.
  • If you plan on traveling around Ireland- most buses and trains offer discounted rates for students.

Budget accommodation

When it comes to accommodations there are a lot of places you can stay that won’t break the bank. You can often find rather inexpensive options on hostelworld, and airbnb also has plenty of inexpensive accommodations as well.

Try and find accommodations that are somewhat outside of the city centre - because these accommodations tend to be less expensive when compared to those right in the city centre. A free option when it comes to accommodations is - this organisation not only gives you a place to stay in whatever city you are traveling to but also allows you to meet local people.  

Always be sure to check with family members and friends to see if they know anyone who lives in the city you are traveling to- because if they do you might have a free place to stay!

Cheap things to do in the city

Always be sure to check out the local museums because the majority of them tend to be free or they offer student discounts. If you are trying to find tours or other fun things to do in the city, check out this website

Before leaving for wherever you are traveling to be sure to do research on things to do in the city - there are a lot of great travel blogs and websites that can inform you on fun and inexpensive things to do.  

Eating while traveling

  • Try to always avoid touristy restaurants when traveling abroad - it will only end up with you having to pay for overpriced food.
  • If the accommodation where you are staying has a kitchen try and cook your own food - this will save you money, which you can then put towards other things.   
  • If you are really in the mood to go out for meals don’t hesitate to ask locals for good places they like to eat- not only will this help you to avoid going to touristy restaurants but it will also give you the opportunity to eat good local food.  
  • Also if you are staying at a hostel or B&B, the majority of them will offer free breakfast.

Try and bring friends along for the trip because that will help cut down the costs as well. Happy and safe traveling!

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Published July 13th2017
Tags travel money summer budget holidays cheap accommodation
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