Apps that can help save you money

Make managing your money easier by downloading some of these helpful apps.

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If you need some support with saving and budgeting, there are some free and helpful apps available. Learn more about these apps and how they could help you to manage your finances.

Free saving and budgeting apps

With so many money-focused apps available, it can be difficult to know what one is right for you. By learning more about what they offer, you can choose one that suits your needs.

Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker can help you to budget and monitor your spending. Every time you spend money or you get paid, you are asked to put said money in a category such as income, food, fuel, clothes, entertainment, or another category created by you. This allows you to see where most of your money is going. Available for: iOS and Android


Splitwise allows you to split bills with multiple people, such as housemates, roommates, or partners. It allows you to log all bills so that everyone can see it, and then it will give you a notification when each person pays their part of the bill.

The app also gives you the ability to:

  • log informal debts and IOUs
  • create bills that occur weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly
  • set up repayment plans so that people can repay their bill in small installments

Available for: iOS and Android

Smart Receipts

The Smart Receipts app is suitable for both individuals and businesses. It allows you to store receipts all in one place. Other features include:

  • Create expense report “folders” to categorize your receipts
  • Take receipt photos with your camera’s phone
  • Import PDF receipts
  • Generate PDF, CSV, & ZIP reports

Available for iOS and Android


Revolut is a digital banking alternative that you can set up directly from your phone. The standard plan is free and includes features such as:

  • Currency exchange
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Fast and simple peer-to-peer payments
  • A bill-splitting feature
  • Built-in budgeting and expense tracker tools

Available for: iOS and Android


Wise (formerly TransferWise) is used for sending, spending and receiving money internationally. It will use a standard exchange rate instead of high charges that often come with your bank’s exchange rate.

Available for: iOS and Android

Money Lover

Money Lover keeps is a simple app that allows you to track and categorise your spending and incoming money. It also allows you to set budgets, get notified of recurring bills and transactions before they’re due and scan and organise receipts. The app can predict future spending based on your spending history, then give you advice on how to stick to budgets.

Available for: iOS and Android


Spendee allows you to better manage your spending by allowing you to create different ‘wallets’ for different spending purposes such as food, travel and savings. You can also connect Spendee with your online banking, E-Wallet (such as PayPal) or crypto-wallet (such as Coinbase) to see your money all in one place.

Available for: iOS and Android

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