How to find youth groups in your local area

Joining a youth group is a great way to get active and meet new people

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If you would like to join a youth group there are plenty of options around the country for you. This article covers a sample of groups that are available for young people to join. If none of the clubs below are of interest to you your best option is to Google what you are looking for. It is also a good idea to check local County Council websites for information on youth groups in your area. If you cannot find the specific type of group that you are looking for why not be adventurous and try joining something new which is outside of your comfort zone.

Find the youth group right for you 

Joining a youth group is a great opportunity to meet people with shared interests in your community, have fun and to make friends. If you are feeling nervous about taking part maybe reach out to a leader in the group before you go and they should be happy to answer any questions you may have.

LGBTI+ Youth Groups

If you are looking to find the nearest LGBTI+ youth group to you the best option is to begin by looking at the LGBT Ireland website and going to the page LGBT Youth Groups. The site currently provides information on 24 LGBTI+ youth groups around Ireland and gives each groups contact details also. If there is not an LGBTI+ youth group listed that is near to you, you can contact the group that is closest to where you live, ask if they know of any groups in your area or if they arrange transport for young people who do not live locally to the group.

Traveller Youth Groups

Pavee Point offer youth groups for young people in the Traveller community. Pavee Point Traveller Youth Work programme was one of the first established Traveller specific youth services in Ireland. For more information and to find your local youth group visit Pavee Point here or call 01 8486515.

Foróige Youth Groups

Foróige is one of Ireland’s leading youth organisations. Foróige currently operates in 26 counties in Ireland, with more than 600 Foróige Clubs, 150 Youth Projects, the Big Brother Big Sister mentoring programme, the Foróige Youth Entrepreneurship programme, the Youth Citizenship and Youth Leadership programmes. If you are interested in joining a Foróige Youth Group click here to find out more about what each youth groups offer and to find your nearest club.

Deaf Youth Groups

If you are deaf and looking to join a youth group for deaf people you should look at the Irish Deaf Youth Association. The IDYA has youth groups all around Ireland for young people who are deaf or hard of hearing. There are youth groups for those aged between 18-35 and teen groups for those aged between 13-17. If you are interested in becoming a member of the IDYA click here or visit their Facebook page.

The Scouts

The Scouts aim to develop the social, physical, intellectual, character, emotional & spiritual growth of their members according to their own abilities and particular interests. If you are aged between 15-17 and looking to join the Scouts you can join the Venture Scouts. Venture Scouts are for people of all genders and you do not need to have previous scouting experience to join. For more information on joining the Venture Scouts click here.

If you are aged between 18-25 you can join the Rover Scouts. People of all genders can join Rover Scouts and you do not need to have previous experience. Not all scout groups in Ireland will have a Rover section but many third level colleges will have Rover Socs. For more information on joining the Rover Scouts click here.

Youth Groups as Gaeilge (in Irish)

If you are looking to join a youth group which is run as Gaeilge (in Irish) Órgras is the Irish Language Youth Organisation for eight to 19 year olds. They run clubs through Irish around the country both in and outside the Gaeltacht (Irish speaking areas in Ireland). For more information on finding your local Irish speaking youth group click here

Alcohol free clubs

The No Name! Club is a youth group for people over the age of 15 who want to engage in activities together without drugs or alcohol. The clubs are run for and by young people and its members make friends, enjoy social outings have great fun in a warm, friendly and healthy environment without the use of alcohol and other drugs. There are over 20 No Name! Clubs around Ireland, to find your local club click here.

Need more information?

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