Support for Ukrainian Refugees arriving in Ireland

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If you arrive in Ireland from Ukraine, you can get support from the Irish State. This includes a place to stay, financial support (social welfare), the right to work, and healthcare services. Reception centres are open at Dublin Airport and Rosslare Port and they will offer you immediate support if you arrive in Ireland through these ports. Ukraine Support Centres are also open in Dublin, Limerick and Cork City.

Support for Ukrainian Refugees arriving in Ireland

Ukraine Reception Hubs Dublin Airport and Rosslare

If you are arriving in Ireland through Dublin Airport or Rosslare Port, it is important to visit one of the Ukrainian reception hubs. These hubs have been opened specifically to help Ukrainian refugees arriving in Ireland. There you can give your details and will be given a letter confirming that you have residence in Ireland under the Temporary Protection Directive. Staff can also help you to get somewhere to stay if you need it, and help you to access financial support (money).

What is the Temporary Protection Directive in Ireland?

The EU, including Ireland, is using the Temporary Protection Directive. This means that you can work and access services and benefits without making an application for international protection (refugee status).

This applies to:

  • Ukrainian citizens who lived in Ukraine before 24 February 2022
  • People who had refugee status (or another type of international protection) in Ukraine
  • Stateless people who lived in Ukraine before 24 February 2022
  • Family members of the people above if they were living in Ukraine before 24 February 2022
  • It also applies to people who had a permanent Ukrainian residence permit who lived in Ukraine before 24 February 2022, and who cannot safely return to their countries

You will get permission to live in Ireland for one year under the Temporary Protection Directive. Your permission may be extended after that. You will get a letter confirming that you have residence in Ireland under the Directive.

I have not received a Temporary Protection Permission letter

If you did not get a permission letter at the airport or port you arrived at, you can get it at the Ukraine Support Centre on Cork Street, Dublin 8 or at the Ukraine Support Centre on Dominick Street, Limerick.

You cannot currently get a permission letter from the Ukraine Support Centre in Cork. However, arrangements are being put in place to provide permission letters at the Cork centre.

If the Irish Government gave you a place to stay (in a hotel for example), immigration officials will visit your accommodation and they can give you the permission letter.

Ukraine Support Centres Ireland

You can get information and help at a Ukraine Support Centre. The centres are currently available in Cork, Limerick and Dublin.

  • Dublin: Dublin 8 Intreo Centre, Guild Building, Cork Street, Dublin 8, D08 XH90
  • Cork: Cork City PSC and PPSN Centre, Department of Social Protection, Hanover Street, Cork, T12 PX62
  • Limerick: Dominick Street, Limerick, V94 X327

At a centre, you can get information about social welfare, immigration and housing. If you did not receive your temporary permission letter when you entered Ireland, you can get this letter at the Ukraine Support Centre in Dublin or Limerick.

The opening hours for these centres are:

  • Monday: 9.15am – 5pm
  • Tuesday: 9.15am – 5pm
  • Wednesday: 9.15am – 5pm
  • Thursday: 10.30am – 5pm
  • Friday: 9.15am – 4.30pm

If you are not based in Dublin, Cork or Limerick, you can visit your local Intreo Centre for help, these are the offices that provide social welfare services in Ireland.

The Irish Government has published social welfare information for people arriving from Ukraine. This information is also available in Ukrainian and in Russian.

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