Be Healthy

Tips for improving your health.

Written by spunout


Just 30 minutes of exercise a day and eating a balanced diet can make a major difference to how you feel on the inside and the outside. Often times, we can find it hard to get that 30 minutes in and it can be much easier to settle for a pizza in the oven, if this is you; then check out our ten tips for being healthy.

  1. Run, walk, cycle. If you start small, like walking home instead of getting the bus or swapping the car for your bike, you’ll start to feel more energetic and even sleep better.
  2. Set goals. Sign up for a mini marathon or a 5km to challenge yourself and have something to work towards. Even better, get your friends involved for moral support.
  3. Mix it up. Exercise can get a tad boring if you don’t change it up a little and step outside of your routine, so try to get in some swimming, a dance class or try some indoor wall climbing.
  4. Team up. Joining a local team can be a good way to meet new people but also get some regular exercise. If you find it hard to do it on your own, maybe a little team spirit will help!
  5. Keep hydrated. Getting at least two litres of water into you a day is essential for your concentration and memory as well as keeping your joints and muscles lubricated.
  6. Avoid junk food. Greasy foods can be a handy quick-fix when you’re starving but they contain lots of carbohydrates, salt and other badness. Too much junk food can make you feel sluggish, dehydrated and also can be bad for your skin.
  7. Sugar sources. It tastes good but like everything, moderation is key. There is so much hidden sugar in foods that it’s important to watch your intake to avoid dental issues, diabetes and other problems.
  8. Get a balanced diet. It’s important to eat lots of fruit and veg, mix up your five a day with colours- get the greens, reds, yellows into you.
  9. Drink less alcohol. Alcohol has a lot of empty calories (hello beer bellies) and it’s also a depressant so if you’re not feeling good, it can just make you feel worse.
  10. Start your day with a good breakfast. It’s not called the most important meal of the day for nothing! Having a breakfast means you’ll have more energy and will crave less snacks early in the day.


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