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Know Self Harm

Check out our new campaign on understanding and managing self harm, and how and where to get help

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in news

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Here at SpunOut we recognise the importance of looking after our mental health, and how difficult it can be at times to deal with difficult emotions. Self harm is when someone deliberately hurts, cuts or injures themselves. For some people, self harm is a way of coping with difficult or overwhelming feelings but can often leave the person feeling worse and locked into a cycle of self harming.

From talking to mental health experts and young people who self harm, we know that a lack of understanding and misinformation is adding to the problem. Self harm often happens in secret with people being reluctant to tell anyone or seek help.

#KnowSelfHarm campaign 2016

The #KnowSelfHarm campaign challenges the common myths and misconceptions out there so people can better understand self harm. The campaign also covers ways for people to manage their self harm, including healthier ways of coping, and signposts how and where people can get help.

On our website you will find a wide variety of content on self harm - whether you self-harm, know someone who does, or just want to better understand the issue.

Check out more of our self harm content below

Watch our video on helping someone who self harms

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Published August 5th2016
Last updated July 26th2018
Tags self harm mental health wellbeing
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