Brendan Maher chats to Alan O’Mara in Episode 2 of Real Talks

The former Tipperary captain chats about his outlook on life

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The second episode of the Real Talks podcast features Tipperary’s All-Ireland winning captain of 2016, Brendan Maher

You may know them as just footballers or hurlers, but this series, hosted by Alan O’Mara, offers a unique insight into the mind and lifestyle of some of Ireland’s most renowned athletes and the challenges they have faced along the way.

In this episode, Brendan Maher talked about what it was like to win a senior and u21 All-Ireland within six days and the impact that had on his identity and lifestyle, how working with autistic children challenged his outlook on life, the pressures and responsibilities of a captain in a modern GAA dressing room and why he felt the decision to replace him as captain for the 2017 season was the right one.

What Brendan said: “You are trying to find the balance of how can I get the best of myself on the pitch but also get the best of myself off the pitch. I wasn’t aware of that and that has been life changing for me.”

“My hurling journey has helped me an awful lot off the pitch as well. I have learned how to live by so many values. Through sport I’ve learned so much.”

You can listen to the episode below or you can also find it on iTunes, SoundCloud or Stitcher. There you can also find last week’s episode with Dublin’s four-time All-Ireland winner Kevin McManamon.

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