IFPA YouTube series to support people who need abortion care during COVID-19

Videos were created to help those accessing abortion services during the pandemic

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To support people who are experiencing an unintended pregnancy or a pregnancy that has become a crisis during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the Irish Family Planning Association has launched a series of videos to assist those who need abortion care.

IFPA COVID-19 abortion care videos

Getting healthcare over the phone is new to most people. The Irish Family Planning Association want those accessing abortion services to be at ease when they speak to the doctor and to be well-prepared and comfortable about managing an abortion at home. To help to do this, they have created additional supports and new information materials.

Below are four videos which those accessing abortion services can watch at a place and time when they won’t be distracted or interrupted. The IFPA have also expanded the abortion care section on their website with additional information. There, those who need them can download medical abortion leaflets in eight languages.

Step by Step guide for early medical abortion 

The IFPA have also developed a brand new Step by Step guide for the early medical abortion Home Care Pack. It has a check-list, a set of easy to understand steps, a space to write in the dates and times to take the medication. They have colour-coded the medications and the guide includes contact numbers for the IFPA clinics and the 24 hour HSE My Options helpline.

Translation function on IFPA site 

The IFPA have also added a translation function to their website which is supposed to be 85% accurate. If you use this function, the IFPA would really appreciate feedback on whether the information is clear and understandable in other languages. You can contact them here

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