Phase 2: What does the easing of restrictions mean for me?

From Monday June 8th the government has lifted some COVID-19 restrictions
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The Government has announced that they are reducing the number of phases to ease COVID-19 restrictions from five to four, with the last phase beginning on the 20th of July. The phases will be brought in on a conditional basis, meaning that if the number of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) cases begins to rise again, some restrictions may be brought back into place. It is important that we still follow all Government advice on social distancing and continue to practice proper handwashing.

What can I do during Phase 2?

  • You can travel anywhere within your own county and up to 20 kilometres from your home if you are going from one county to another
  • You may meet up to 6 people from outside your household both indoors and outdoors for social gatherings
  • People who are cocooning (over 70 or have a medical condition) can have a small number of people in their home. If you do visit someone who is cocooning you should wear a face mask, gloves and keep 2 metres away from them
  • Up to 25 close family and friends can now go to funerals but you should continue to social distance
  • You can take part in organised outdoor sports and fitness activities in groups of up to 15 people, involving team sports training (but not matches) where you can social distance and where there is no contact

What shops will open during Phase 2?

  • All shops can reopen as long as they can control the number of people coming into the shop at any one time.
  • Public libraries can open as long as people can social distance and the number in the library at any one time can be limited.
  • Playgrounds and other outdoors facilities can also open

Can I have sex with someone outside my house during Phase 2?

The Government has not released specific guidelines on when people will be allowed to have sex with those outside their household. Currently, people still have to maintain social distancing until at least the final phase of the lifting of restrictions, which begins on the 10th of August. This means that no one is allowed to have sex with people other than those they live with during that time.

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious?

If you feel overwhelmed by the current situation and need someone to talk to, our anonymous, 24 hour text line is always open. You’re worth talking about and we’re here to listen and support you.

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