Crime Victims Helpline launch new series of videos

Watch CVH’s new videos explaining different aspects of the criminal justice system

Written by Megan Stonecipher


Crime Victims Helpline (CVH) is a support service for victims of crime in Ireland. They aim to support, inform and listen to victims of crime and all those impacted by crime.

They do this by providing time and space for victims to talk about their experience, and by providing information about the criminal justice system and referrals to other resources in the community. 

Crime Victims Helpline recognises that it is often a tedious and complicated process when going through the criminal justice system. This is why they have made it one of their goals to make the process less distressing for victims of crime, their families, and friends. In efforts to make the process less distressing, they have just recently released several informational videos on different aspects of the criminal justice system.  

Each video provides a clear guide of what a person may encounter if they find themselves in the legal process.  
The videos address the following topics:
What happens when you report a crime to An Garda Siochana,
How is a decision made whether or not to prosecute,  
What happens when a criminal case goes to court.  

These videos are an easy way to get clear and knowledgeable information on the criminal justice system. Watch one of the videos below and fond the series and more information on the Crime Victims Helpline's Youtube channel.  

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