Dublin Bus launch “Be Aware, Be Safe” video

Dublin Bus have released a video to highlight the importance of customer safety

Written by Grainne Jones


Dublin Bus have launched a video highlighting the importance of customer safety while using their service.

The bus company has brought out the “Be Aware, Be Safe” customer awareness video as “a support for all bus users to ensure they are travelling safely and smartly and aware of the needs of fellow customers”.

Dublin Bus had almost 140 million customers in 2017. Due to such a high number of bus users, customers of Dublin Bus “have varied needs and requirements, from older people to students, parents with young children and people with disabilities”.

Smartphones and free Wi-Fi

According to Dublin Bus, because of the increase in the use of smartphones, and free Wi-Fi being available on the bus fleet, many customers are easily distracted.

The video aims to remind customers about the safety features available on Dublin Bus to ensure a “safe and comfortable journey” for all.

They want to remind customers to use these safety features “before settling in to catch up on the latest happenings on social media”.

The Dublin Bus Environmental, Health & Safety Manager, James McHugh, said that “in an age where public transport users are becoming increasingly more reliant on the use of mobile technology during their journeys, it’s easy to see how some can switch off or become distracted while travelling on the bus”.

Safety features

  • Handrails in the lower and upper saloons of the bus
  • Accessibility ramps
  • The ability to lower buses to make it easier for people to get on and off

Dublin Bus said that they produced the video to make sure that all customers have a safe and comfortable journey while using their service.

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