Global Money Week 2018: Money Matters Matter

Find out how to make smart financial decisions in your life

Written by Hannah Byrne


Global Money Week (GMW) aims to promote financial awareness among young people.

Countries all over the world take part from 12-18 March 2018 to promote Global Money Week and learn more about making smart financial decisions.

GMW is an initiative of Child and Youth Finance International and in partnership with the OECD and the African Union Commission.

Money Matters Matter

This year, the theme of GMW 2018 is Money Matters Matter.

The organisers behind GMW believe young people should be empowered to develop the knowledge and skills to make financial decisions, and to understand the importance of financial security and equality.

Understanding things like the importance of saving money, how to open a bank account, and how to make good financial choices can prepare you for decisions you will need to make throughout your life.

As part of GMW organisers are asking young people to organise events which will help them in their decision making surrounding money. These events can include activities such as visiting stock exchanges, museums, parliaments and banks or other financial institutions. For a full details on events from previous years click here

Take part in Global Money Week by reading some of our articles below:

GMW is a great opportunity to think about your own financial awareness and find ways that you might be able to improve when it comes to money. 

Learning about these things now will benefit you in the long run, as you find yourself in situations where you may need a loan, want to claim tax, or open a bank account in the future. 

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