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Written by Rebekah Connolly


Get Animated about Rights

This year will mark the 25th anniversary of Ireland ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. To celebrate, the Ombudsman for Children’s Office has partnered with animation studios Cartoon Saloon, Kavaleer Productions, Mooshku and Pink Kong to create their Get Animated about Rights competition. Five artworks will be choosen to be turned into an animation and shown on the OCO website. The winners will also visit Brown Bag animation studios in Smithfield, Dublin. 

How to enter

To enter the competition:

  • Choose a right from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • The right should be one which you feel is important for Irish children today or which means the most to you personally
  • Create a picture of this right
  • Give your work a title and describe your work 
  • Fill out the competition form


Rules to enter

  • You need to have consent from your parent/ guardian to enter the competition
  • You must be in either Primary or Secondary school to apply
  • You can only submit one entry per person

Your entry will be judged according to your age with students from 1st to 3rd year being placed together and students from 4th to 6th year together. 

Want to enter?

  • Send your entry to the Ombudsman for Children’s Office before the 16 June 2018
  • Post it to the Ombudsman for Children’s Office, Get Animated About Rights competition, Millennium House, 52-56 Great Strand street, Dublin 1

Winners will be announced on the 4 July 2018 and the winning animations will then be launched on the 28 September 2018.

If you have any other questions you can email the Ombudsman at [email protected] or call (01) 8656800.

Find out more at oco.ie.

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