Increased amount of students with smartphone addictions

More than half of students in study say they are addicted to their phones

Written by Megan Stonecipher


Are we becoming addicted to our smartphones?  A recent study on student’s attitudes conducted by shows that many young people are concerned about becoming addicted to their smartphones.

The survey’s results show that nearly half of the students in Ireland believe that they are addicted to their smartphones, and that 60% of them believe that they are using their smartphones too often.  

The survey also found that 54% of students have checked their phone during class while the teacher wasn’t looking in the past seven days.

Although several students are concerned about using their smartphones far too often, a lot of them believe that smartphones are great for educational purposes, with 80% of them saying that phones are useful educational tools.  

So overall while many of the students surveyed believed that they are addicted to their phones and fear that they are using their phones too much, the majority also believed that phones are a great resource in the educational setting. 

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