#LoveWins free Google Chrome extension

Remove hate from your internet

Written by Megan Stonecipher


Move aside hate, it’s time to make the internet a more loving place.  The award winning open innovation studio, Connector, has just released a free #LoveWins Google Chrome extension.  The #LoveWins extenstion was designed by Connector in order to combat against cyber bullying of LGBQTA+.  According to GLSEN, 42% of LGBQTA+ youth have experienced cyber bullying, 58% say something negative is said to them or about them online due to their sexuality and over 35% have received online threats.  These comments can be extremely harmful to mental health, and is the main reason why Connector designed the #LoveWins extension.  

Ivan Adriel, Head of Digital stated “Connector is a proud supporter of the LGBT community, and this Pride, we wanted to do something that would help make the internet a better place for us all.  So we created the tool that we wanted to exist when we were teenagers and searching for our identity online.”

The #LoveWins filter works by finding web pages that have LGBQTA+ slurs and replacing them with adjectives that are loving and that celebrate what people in the community are- proud, courageous, fearless, friendly, and so on.  Not only are these adjectives added in but they are also displayed in pride colours as well.  

Download the #LoveWins extension for free on the Google chrome store here.

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