#MindYourSelfie Campaign

Friday 31 March is Mind Your Selfie Day

Written by Emily Garber


This Friday March 31st is #MindYourSelfie Day 2017.

Walk in My Shoes revealed its latest initiative, school resource packs, which promotes wellbeing, mindfulness, selfie 'steem, a wellness wall, and lots more.

Walk in My Shoes is an organization that raises awareness of mental health through support and information in communities throughout Ireland. They offer free downloadable information packs to schools, colleges, workplaces, and individuals. 

Children in primary, secondary school, and adolescents can experience great levels of stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and self-confidence, and depression.

But #MindYourSelfie Shool Resource Packs provides activities for children to help combat their stressors.

The Resource Packs are available to be downloaded for your classroom here.

Some of the Resource Packs include mindfulness coloring, selfie 'steem, origami chatterbox, and the wellness wall.

Mindfulness coloring asks students to focus on how they choose and apply color in design to bring their awareness to the present moment.

Selfie 'steem is an activity where the students share positive messages about each other. Each student writes his or her name or places their photo in the space in the center of the sheet. The sheet is then passed around so that students can write positive messages about their classmate.

The origami chatterbox teaches children to think positively about themselves by reading phrases inside the box such as, "Smile…it can change the world" and "Be a leader".

The wellness wall promotes wellness within the walls of schools or classrooms. It creates a space where everyone is welcome to read and contribute to the wall- writing how wellness looks, sounds, and feels, proving positive, informative and encouraging messages.

You can get involved with the campaign on the 31st March by posting your selfie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat using the hashtag #MindYourSelfie, and tagging Walk in My Shoes.

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