Keep track of the important things

Written by SpunOut.ie


MiYo, short for “Mind Yourself”, was officially launched on May 1st 2014. It was best described as a self reflective journal that allowed you to track your well being in a number of different areas.

Users logged their activity across the following categories: healthy eating, sleep quality, physical activity, talking to friends & family, learning, and socialising/hobbies.

Being mindful of your activities & how you are feeling helped users to kick-start a healthy routine, which contributes greatly to physical and mental well-being.

When users logged the completion of an activity, they earn points which helped them to reach goals. If MiYo users were having difficulty reaching a particular goal, the app suggested content on SpunOut.ie to help. MiYo was available for iOS and Android devices until April 2017.

About MiYo

MiYo began at a hackathon held in Facebook’s EMEA HQ in Dublin back in October 2013. Over 40 young developers came together to come up with an idea for making an app which our readers could use to be proactive about their mental health.

The funding secured by NOSP allowed SpunOut.ie to build the app with the developers. We’re incredibly grateful to Facebook and the National Office for Suicide Prevention for their support in turning this idea a reality.


App Developers – Ian Connolly, Keith O'Malley, James Eggers, James Walsh, Ross McKinley, Conor Murphy, Manisha Sachdeva, Helen McFarlane, Laura Fitzgerald, David O'Sullivan, Matt Donnelly, Fintan Halpenny.

Design Work – Brendan Tobin, Thomas Cullen and Thomas Horvath.

Special thanks – Facebook Inc and Coder Dojo.

Project Managers – Laura Fitzgerald and Ian Connolly.

Consultants – Sarah Simkin (Headstrong YMH) Cathal Garvey (Apperific).

API Development – James Whelton.

Special thanks – Rosa Birch, Sonia Flynn, Colm Doyle and everyone who attended our "Hack4Help" Event in 2013.

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